Badger State Consulting offers a highly respected and reliable training opportunity. Our instructors have many years of experience working and teaching in the industry, allowing them to create a deep understanding of the NEC and how it can be applied to specific job situations. Our Private Group Training service options can provide you with flexibility and service excellence – we work with your schedule and preferences, we come to your location or host an online session for your group, and you choose the date, time and topic.

• We provide continuing education credit towards the renewal of licenses for Master, Journeyman, and Maintenance Electricians.
• Choose from any topics covered by the NEC or State Codes, most of which are approved for continuing education credit.
• Classes include a variety of NEC code, power limited and safety topics.
• Curriculum content can be modified to fit the job scope of your work, so employees can easily apply what they have learned.

For more information on pricing, or to schedule a private training session, please contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

Let us be your resource for personnel training related to electrical installations and service!